ASIS International in profile

With more than 37,000 members, ASIS International is the world's largest private security organization. As an internationally active professional association, its membership consists of experts with security functions in industrial, commercial and service companies as well as authorities and educational institutions. Thus, ASIS is polyvalent and covers the entire security sector.

The association was founded in 1955 as American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). In 2002, the name was changed to today’s name in order to highlight the international presence of the organization. ASIS is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

ASIS International is represented worldwide by more than 240 national branches, so-called chapters. Next to Austria (Chapter 107) and Switzerland (Chapter 160), ASIS Germany e. V. (Chapter 251) is one of the three national chapters in German-speaking countries.

Training and education

ASIS International offers a broad portfolio of training and education seminars. These include seminars in a wide variety of disciplines, such as Security at schools, workplace violence, personal protection, crisis management, business continuity etc.

In addition, globally recognized certifications are offered:

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) ® – Interdisciplinary Security Management
  • Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) ® – Case Management, Investigations
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP) ® – Physical security