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ASIS Germany e. V. is one of the leading security associations in Germany and represents next to Austria (Chapter 107) and Switzerland (Chapter 160) one of three national chapters in German-speaking countries.

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What you need to do

To become a member, please do the following:

The verification and activation of your membership takes about one week and will be confirmed by email.
Further important information on getting a member can be found in our articles (German language).

Welcome to ASIS Germany e. V.!

Your benefits

Members of ASIS Germany e. V. can benefit from

  • a strategic network
    The establishment of a professional network is particularly important in our industry. By becoming a member of our association, you gain access to a strategic network at national and international level.
  • worldwide recognized education
    One of the objectives, ASIS Germany e. V. is focusing on, is to increase the effectiveness and productivity of security measures. In order to achieve this, ASIS develops worldwide recognized training programs in the security context.
  • attending annual chapter conferences
    In order to exchange knowledge with other colleagues and to expand our own network, the ASIS German Chapter organizes annual conferences to which our members are highly welcome.
  • the expansion of their own know-how
    For ASIS, the exchange of professional knowledge has a high priority. That is why we inform our members about current developments, point out industry trends and engage in an active exchange of knowledge.
  • a sustainable exchange of best practice
    You can benefit from the experience of others: As part of our ASIS network, you will gain insight into proven best practice approaches and innovative solutions to security-related problems.

Only those person can become a member that commit to the European free, democratic and social values.

  1. Ordinary members can only be natural persons admitted by ASIS International. They need to be domiciled or have their principal occupation in Germany and be a significant part of the security sector. The type of membership in ASIS International (ASIS International Bylaws Art. III) has no significance for admittance to ASIS Germany e.V.
  2. Supporting membership
    1. Any legal person of private or public law and
    2. Any natural person who has its residence or principal occupation in Germany and is to a significant extent active in the field of security and who is not a member of ASIS International may join the association as a sponsoring member. The membership fee will partially support the the Competence Center for International Security (KIS) in qualifying and training security experts. Supporting members have no right to apply and vote.
    3. Supporting members have no right to apply and vote.