At the ASIS Germany e. V. Conference, Feride Yildirim was honoured for her outstanding commitment in promoting women in security

Long since, female have long since asserted themselves in the security sector. The development from a classic male domain to an open industry is also due to the special commitment of women like Feride Yildirim: With great enthusiasm, she campaigns for the active promotion of women in the security industry as part of the Women in Security initiative – with great success. For her extraordinary efforts she now has been awarded the German Chapter Trophy by ASIS Germany e. V.

Bringing people together and making new contacts

As Program Officer, she heads the initiative "Women in Security". In addition to a unique network of female security experts from various sectors, this initiative also offers a comprehensive exchange of experience and individual mentoring. Thus, it targets both women who are already working in the security, as well as those who are looking for an entry into the industry. With her effort, Mrs Yildirim brings together people within the industry, establishes new contacts and constantly expands the professional network. In doing so, she enables the members of the initiative to benefit from the extensive experience of renowned experts and to enter into a direct exchange.

Women in Security: An initiative that is bearing fruit

As a Compliance Project Manager at WISAG Security & Service Holding, she knows the challenges faced by female security experts, including from her own experience. The fact that her tireless efforts are bearing fruit was especially evidenced at the ASIS German Chapter Conference last year: Here, ASIS Germany e. V. dedicated a whole conference day to the Women in Security initiative. The program was well received – many of the participants took part in the event, mainly because of the special topic. The role of women in security will also find a special platform at the upcoming ASIS Germany e. V. Conference at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 25 to 27 June 2018.