For his book "Pre-Employment-Screening: Ein risikobasierter Praxisleitfaden zur Bewerberüberprüfung im Personalauswahlverfahren” (German language only), the Austrian private investigator Bernhard Maier was awareded the book prize of ASIS Germany e. V. As an independent private investigator and owner of BM Investigations Bernhard Maier is considered an experienced expert when it comes to the methodically correct design and implementation of security processes.

His work, co-authored by Holger Berens and Andreas Schweitzer, recently appeared in the Richard Boorberg Verlag and introduces a risk-based model for the planning and implementation of measures in the context of Pre-Employment Screening (PES). This model uses a so-called risk-profile matrix to provide a measure of how to design the PES process. Hereby, Mr. Maier and his co-authors have created fundamental work for practitioners.